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1472 Protection Press Release

Wildfire Protection Satellite Monitored Alert System Launched in Colorado

1472 Protection Exterior Fire Protection System

1472 Protection Exterior Fire Protection System   Once the system is installed: 24/7 Satellite coverage of property Will detect wildfire in the area Will send out a notification to the owner via phone call/text There will be a camera installed on the satellite box, the camera will only be activated when a wildfire in the…
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Wildfire Evacuation Checklist

Wildfire Evacuation Checklist When you are tasked with getting what is important and leaving your home or business behind due to a wildfire barring down.  If you do not have a checklist you will more than likely forget something important.  1472 Protection was thinking of this situation and we have come up with a wildfire…
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10 Reasons to purchase the exterior fire protection system

10 reasons to purchase the exterior fire protection system Here in Colorado, we have the Cameron Peak Pass and Mullin fires going here in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We also have a wildfire just west of Denver the Williams fork fire. In California, Oregon, and Washington there are numerous wildfires, as you can tell…
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Intoduction 1472 Protection

Introduction to 1472 Protection What is 1472 Protection? We are a wildfire property protection company located in Colorado.  How do we protect your property from wildfires you are asking yourself?  1472 Protection uses a customized exterior fire sprinkler system for your structures and property.  We protect both residential and commercial properties. Wildfires threaten billions of…
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