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Intoduction 1472 Protection

Intoduction 1472 Protection

Introduction to 1472 Protection

What is 1472 Protection? We are a wildfire property protection company located in Colorado.  How do we protect your property from wildfires you are asking yourself?  1472 Protection uses a customized exterior fire sprinkler system for your structures and property.  We protect both residential and commercial properties.

Wildfires threaten billions of dollars of residential, commercial, and agricultural property throughout the United States and the world every year. Currently, there are limited options for the protection of property from wildfires, especially if that property is in suburban or rural locations. The lack of wildfire protection options spills over to higher insurance premiums for owners located in high wildfire risk.

Nothing worse than seeing a large wildfire bearing down on your property and there is nothing you can do about it until now.

1472 Protection takes a pre-active approach to protect properties located in wildfire-prone areas.

  • We assess your property and then come up with a custom design with our exterior fire protection system (EFPS) for maxim protection.
  • Our custom design system allows you to be pre-active and not re-active in the event your property faces disaster.
  • This technique is not only effective but increases protection against wildfire.

1472 Protection Exterior fire protection system will reduce your insurance costs from 10 to 50 percent depending on which insurance company you are using.  The system increases the protection factor so it will give you a peace of mind once you have been evacuated knowing you have something to come back to and not losing all your memories.

Thank you for joining us on our podcast and next time we will be sitting down with insurance agent Julius Luciano who will explain how using the exterior fire protection system reduces your insurance premiums.  Until next time stay safe.

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