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Wildfires threaten billions of dollars of residential, commercial and agriculture property throughout the United States and the world every year. Currently there are limited options for protection of property from wildfires, especially if that property is in suburban or rural locations. The lack of wildfire protection options spills over to higher insurance premiums for owners located in high wildfire risk.

We provide
creative solutions for all your protection needs!

• Millions of people and business moving into the wildfire-prone areas along with climate change it is creating perfect conditions for increasing wildfires.

• 1472 Protection takes a pre-active approach to protecting properties located in wildfire-prone areas.

• We assess your property and then come up with a custom design with our exterior fire protection system (EFPS) for maxim protection.

• Our custom design system allows you to be pre-active and not re-active in the event you property faces disaster.

• This technique is not only affective but increases protection against a wildfire.

1472 Protection Features

• Monitors your property 24/7/365 satellite.

• Custom designed 2 stage exterior fire protection system, increasing protection of your residence or business plus property.

• Each homeowner is assigned to a client manager who can answers important questions while guiding you through the process of installation and operation. Placing your mind at ease and understanding the true value of your new exterior fire protection system.

• Notify you when a wildfire is in the area and when it is time to evacuate.

•  You concentrate on getting your family out and we will engage the exterior fire protection system for you when you’re gone.• 

Custom design Exterior Fire Protection Systems for your Business 

1472 Protection can custom design a wildfire protection system for your business.  Take advantage of the tax incentives and insurance rate reduction when you have the system installed.

Customized Exterior Fire Protection Systems for Subdivisions, Industrial Parks and more..

1472 Protection works with HOA’s  to help protect their subdivision from wildfires.  1472 Protection will custom design an exterior fire protection system for your whole subdivision.  We will design custom systems for industrial parks and more…

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